Identity In Grace

Our God is just, but He is also merciful. That's why Paul describes salvation as happening "by grace, through faith" in Ephesians 2. Isn't it great to know that because of God's free gift to us, we can now not only walk in salvation, but also trust Him to walk alongside us in life. Listen in as Pastor David delivers this sermon from Ephesians 2. 


Now, more than ever, humanity is struggling to find it's identity. We have many different types of personality test or other test which tell you what your gifts are or what career path you should take. The truth is, though, if our identity is not in Christ, it will always be changing. Listen in as Pastor David teaches from Ephesians 1. 

Fulfilling, Bearing, Caring

Free At Last.png

The Bible commands us to "carry one another's burdens," but this can often mean much more than just helping someone out. There will be times when we as brothers and sisters are called to challenge each other in order for us all to become more like Christ. Listen in as Pastor David teaches from Galatians 6. 


Man has been fighting for freedom for as long as history. Time after time and war after war men and women alike have put their lives on the line to be able to live free. Join Pastor David as he starts our new series in Galatians titled "Free At Last."